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Trinity now has available here in the US a full motion simulator, built by BRD in the UK


Justin Wilson and Will Power – IZOD IndyCar Series Racing Driver


Nvidia Quadro + Trinity Racing concepts Team Efforts

sim racing equipment
motion platform design

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Nvidia + Trinity Racing concepts Team Efforts

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Now Available! Ford V8 Supercar and Phillip Island Circuit

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The wait is over. Two of the most highly anticipated additions to the iRacing catalogue are now available: the Natrexone order Ford Falcon FG01 and Phillip Island. A mainstay of the hugely popular Australian V8 Supercar Championship, the Falcon packs 635 horsepower into its sleek but muscular package, while Phillip Island packs a lifetime of challenges into its 12-turn, 2.7-mile seaside layout.

Although the Falcon and Phillip Island are available separately, like peanut butter and jelly, a Martinsville hot dog and mustard . . . or vegemite and toast, they really DO belong together. Here’s your chance to see why.
motion platform design

Week 13 is Back Again

It only happens four times a year. What is “it?” Week 13, those seven magical days between each of iRacing.com’s four official seasons. For some, Week 13 is a final chance to “upgrade” their D, C and B licenses. For others, it’s a time to race purely for the fun of it, with no more worries about iRatings, safety ratings and championship points.

As always, your friends at iRacing have been beavering away in the hopes of giving esomeprazole online you anything your heart desires (well almost anything) in Week 13. For those looking to advance to the next license level we have two official series in the SpecRacer Ford Challenge and Legends Cup. As official series, both Safety and iRatings count. Thus competitors have the opportunity to increase their license ratings prior to the official license promotions at the end of the week prior to Season 2. Likewise, rookies who have yet to complete the category-specific minimum participation requirements necessary for graduation (two official races or four time trials in each category) have one last chance before Season 2.

Week 13’s fun side comes in the forms of the Interlope with the Antelope, IZOD IndyCar Series and the Mixed Class Martial Arts series. Interlope with the Antelope enables iRacers of all experience and license levels to test their mettle in the crème de la crème of stock car racing: the NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet Impala SS. Held at fast Michigan International Speedway and the even faster Talladega Superspeedway on alternate days, Interlope with the Antelope offers an opportunity to experience iRacing’s premier stock car’s performance in packs of 30 cars which is, when compared to single-car testing, a totally different animal. Similarly, the IZOD IndyCar Series offers all iRacers a mix of Strattera without prescription oval and road course racing with our fastest open wheel racer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s historic oval and Circuit Park Zandvoort’s challenging seaside road course.

Mixed Class Martial Arts is a non-championship series that will be open to buy methotrexate online all members of the iRacing community regardless of license level once the newest addition to the iRacing.com paddock is ready to go: the Ford Falcon FG01 from the Australia V8 Supercar Series. The Falcon will do battle with the Corvette C6.R in a battle of V8 heavyweights. The ‘Vette may be one of the fastest GT cars ever built, so we’ve decided to give the Falcon a home field advantage and run the series at spectacular Phillip Island, the newest track in the iRacing catalogue.

Video Contest: Florian Godard


Video Contest: Christian Braun


Video Contest: Alex Horn


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