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Company Information:

Company Information:

Jack Ulstad
Trinity Racing is now specializing in designing and building custom simulators. Trinity can produce a wide range of racing simulators. With their affiliation with Trinity Motorsports Team in Lima, Ohio, Trinity can build replicas of F1, IRL, Nascar, Daytona Prototype, ALMS, Sports Car, and vintage race cars. Whether you desire an open-wheel race car, a Stock car or whatever, we can build it! For over 20 years TMT has been designing and producing composite bodies using fiberglass and carbon fiber materials. Also, the owner of Trinity Motorsports Team, Shawn Bayliff, is an accomplished race driver, driving coach, and mechanic, with several driving championships to his name. Through his real life racing experience, Shawn has developed a true passion for making the simulator as authentic and true to the real race car as possible.

Bringing the ULTIMATE in Racing Simulation equipment to both the Real Racer and the Sim Racer

Trinity Racing Concepts is a provider of the ultimate car racing simulation products, services and experiences with the goal to promote and develop the sport of sim racing. With the photorealism and incredible physics of today’s racing software, once you add our high quality steering systems and pedals and natural racing position chassis systems, you’ll know what it means to be totally immersed in the world of racing. Whether you prefer NASCAR, Formula 1, rally, sports car, sprint, Vintage, drag or any type of wheeled vehicle racing, there is great software and Trinity-supplied hardware available to complete the experience.

Trinity also provides simulators and management services for shows and promotional events, and builds full car custom simulators. Our showroom simulators are used for amateur and professional race training, as well for special events.

Trinity Racing Concepts is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California and nestled between the world famous tracks of Infineon Raceway and Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca. We are also talking with several companies who produce simulation equipment, as we are no longer stocking BRD equipment. We will soon be announcing several new products available through Trinity.

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