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Are there basic vs advanced kits?

Yes. Trinity Racing Concepts specializes in the manufacturing of race frames and turn key simulators. We specialize in high torque force feedback systems, realistic pedal pressure and stereoscopic vision (3D vision).
Our most basic kit would be just the Race Frame Found Here
From there up to the full turn key system. We can work out different kits depending on what equipment you already have.

I am interested in purchasing a race frame from your company to use in coordination with iRacing. In particular, I am interested in a race frame to use with the iRacing Dallara, Is there a difference between your Basic Race Frame?

We believe our new Revolution race frame is the very best solution for iRacing, mainly because it can be configured to virtually any race car seating position. Our competitor’s frames really only allow for one type of race car seating position because the steering mount location is so limited. Since our design features a super rigid frame, we can mount virtually any steering system at any height or angle the customer wants. For an IRL car, you would mount the steering low in the frame, and have the steering shaft completely horizontal with the frame. Typically for an IRL car we would also recommend either a custom built fiberglass tub or a seat with a low back (such as the one shown on our website from Race Tech). We can provide you with these seating options, and many more.

I am interested in a Race Frame with force feedback. What are the steering wheel and pedal components and are they completely compatible with iRacing?

Your Force Feedback steering choice is going to be based on your budget. All Force Feedback Systems and pedals we use are completely compatible with iRacing. For the budget minded customer, we recommend the Fanatec GT3 RS (along with their Club Sport pedals). We currently use these steering systems on many of our in-house simulators and have found the Force Feedback to be extremely good. We’re also planning to offer modified versions of these steering systems in the very near future. Also, we can offer you many other options in the way of steering systems and pedals, even custom built systems. Virtually any available on the market today will easily adapt to our race frame.

Does a purchase include multiple tracks, F1, equipment, updates, etc?

We are focusing heavily on iRacing, but also GTR2, Rfactor, Race07, and others. All Turn key simulators come with a selection of standard tracks and cars, in excess of 50 tracks and 40 cars. More tracks and cars can be provided. We can offer any car and any track to be custom made and modeled to your liking. Weather it be a historic car and track, or a modern F1 car and track. All Trinity Racing Concepts equipment will have updated drivers and software to meet the standards of new racing simulation software.

I’m interested in a development program such as NASCAR late Models, ASA, ARCA etc. Can you help?

Our best simulation software is Iracing, car physics and realistic tracks makes this our number one choice. You can chose from a late model, nationwide, and sprint cup + others. We also can run ARCA remax series, NASCAR 2003, and any Rfactor Mod.

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