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Lotus 49 Simulator

Lotus 49 Simulator

A truly authentic replica
1967 Lotus 49, with Cosworth DFV engine.

In Trinity’s Lotus 49 simulator, you can experience the thrilling 1967 season of Grand Prix racing, when there were no wings or super sticky tires, and drivers really were the bravest of the brave. Our replica of the Lotus 49 was molded off of a real Lotus 49, and so every curve, every rivet is identical to the real thing. The 1967 Grand Prix season was also the year that the Ford Cosworth DFV engine was first introduced. The Cosworth DFV engine would go on to become the dominate engine in Formula 1 racing for the buy Proscar next 15 years. With it’s highly detailed replica DFV in back, this is the only simulator of its kind in the world.

We currently run this simulator with a large 100” projection screen in 3D using Litespeed’s DepthQ 3D projection system. Driving a track like Monaco in misoprostol online Cialis Professional online 3D using this full sized simulator is an indescribable experience.


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