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Fused Glass Molds

Holey Journey Casting Mold - Glass Fusing


Petite Holey Cross - Glass Fusing Mold


Small Tree of Life Texture - Glass Fusing Mold


LOT OF 10 NUMBERS glass fusing frit jewelry molds


Holey Love Tag Mold - Glass Fusing #LF82


Fusing and Slumping Glass Supplies - Garden Bug Frit Casting Mold


Small Floral Vase Former | Stainless Steel Mold Glass Fusing


Glass Fusing, Glass Frit Casting small snow flake style Jewelry mold


Stained Glass Fusing Mold - Large Stainless Steel Bracelet Mold Fusing Glass


Cute and Neat Glass Fusing, Glass Frit Nautical Starfish shaped Jewelry mold


Holey Keys Mold - Glass Fusing #LF81


Holey Heart Trio Mold - Glass Fusing


Cool SNOWFLAKE Frit Stained glass fusing kiln jewelry mold


Large Steel Fusing BRACELET FORMER MOLD Glass Kiln Jewelry FIREWORKS


Holey Teardrops Tears Little Fritter 69 Glass Casting Mold Pendant Fuse Ceramic


ROUND SPOON REST FUTURE FORMS USA Glass Slumping Mold 8.5x3" Kiln Supply Fusing


8 7/8" Square Slumper Mold by Bullseye Glass for Fusing


STAND UP MOLD GMS2 Ceramic Glass Fusing Mold Creative Paradise for 3D Sculptures


Koi Texture Tile Mold - Glass Fusing


BLOSSOMS Flowers Colour De Verra Glass Frit Casting Mold Fusing Supplies


Shell Soap Dish Fused Glass Fusing Slump Kiln Mold


New Snowflake Fusing Mold for fusible glass. 10" square. Ships fast


Holey Square Jewelry Cab Glass Frit Fusing Casting Kiln Mold


Bullseye One Candle Bridge 8903 Fused Glass Slumping Mold


11" Drop Out Ring Mold for Fusing Glass Bullseye Mold


Holey Dog Bone Little Fritter 83 Glass Casting Fusing Mold Creative Paradise


Glass Fusing Supplies-TREE OF LIFE CASTING MOLD (Free Shipping)


Holey Casting Trio Heart Jewelry Mold for Fusing Glass Frit




Bell Mushroom Drape Mold - Glass Fusing #GM209


Colour de Verre Offset Round Pendants Glass Casting Fusing Jewelry Mold


Colour de Verre Icicles Glass Fusing Mold


Large Cross Frit Casting Mold Little Fritters 14 Glass Kiln Fusing Supplies LF14


Spoon Slump - Glass Fusing Mold


Spoon Rest Soap Dish Small Rectangle Tray Glass Fusing Slump Kiln Mold


Glass Fusing Supplies - Vintage Ornaments Casting Mold


Holey Trillant Triangle Pendant Mold Little Fritter 71 Glass Casting Fusing USA


12 Ounce Glass BOTTLE Sagger SLUMPER Fusing Mold KILN SUPPLY Sagger


Small Greenman Texture - Glass Fusing Mold


Mini Squares Fused Glass Fusing Frit Caster Kiln Mold


Organic Drops Mold - Glass Fusing


Colour de Verre French Fleur Jewelry Pendant Glass Casting Fusing Mold


Let it Snow Texture Tile Mold - Glass Fusing