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Nvidia SLI 480 GTX triple screen resolution @ 5948 x 1080 pixels [HD]


Nvidia Quadro + Trinity Racing concepts Team Efforts

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motion platform design

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Now Available! Ford V8 Supercar and Phillip Island Circuit

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The wait is over. Two of the most highly anticipated additions to the iRacing catalogue are now available: the Natrexone order Ford Falcon FG01 and Phillip Island. A mainstay of the hugely popular Australian V8 Supercar Championship, the Falcon packs 635 horsepower into its sleek but muscular package, while Phillip Island packs a lifetime of challenges into its 12-turn, 2.7-mile seaside layout.

Although the Falcon and Phillip Island are available separately, like peanut butter and jelly, a Martinsville hot dog and mustard . . . or vegemite and toast, they really DO belong together. Here’s your chance to see why.
motion platform design

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